Sodium hypochlorite delivery


Jenkins Industries has over 20 years exemplary experience transporting, handling and delivering sodium hypochlorite (liquid chlorine bleach).  Jenkins Industries routinely delivers to industrial facility cooling towers, water chilling systems, water wells and local area swimming pools.

Jenkins can deliver in various quantities:

  • 5 gallon containers
  • 55 gallon drums
  • 250 gallon totes
  • LTL deliveries
  • up to 4200 gallon bulk delivery

JI only utilizes dedicated drivers. All drivers and technicians are seasoned employees with years of safe experience working in and out of the Gulf Coast area petrochemical facilities. Contact us for more details.

sulfuric acid delivery

Jenkins can deliver in various quantities:

  • 93 - 98% sulfuric
  • LTL quantities
  • full truck load
  • double-walled poly acid tanks available for delivery and setup

Corrosive chemical transfers

Jenkins has technical expertise in handling various types of caustic or corrosive liquid bulk materials.  Jenkins Industries has equipment to safely remove, transfer and/or store these hazardous materials for temporary turnaround at your facility.

chemical feed pumps

Jenkins can provide different size chemical feed pumps to fit most any need with flow rates from 5 gallons per day to 290 gallons per day.  Sale, rental, installation and repair of the following pumps is available:

  • LMI
  • Stenner
  • Pulsatron

Jenkins Industries

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permanent and temporary storage tanks

Jenkins utilizes numerous types and size poly tanks for chemical storage, transfer and safe transportation. Another service of Jenkins, is expert setup and maintenance of these liquid containers as temporary, semi-temporary or long-term units.  Jenkins utilizes quality polyethylene tanks ranging in sizes from 35 gal. to 1000+ gal.  Jenkins also has the capabilities for custom fabrication and coating of tank stands or footings.

water system chlorinizations

Potable water systems that have been out of service for periods of time may need disinfecting.  Chlorine bleach works as a good disinfectant killing 99.9% of all germs and bacteria present in the system.  Chlorine bleach is also used as an excellent swimming pool chemical.  TCEQ certified delivery available.